DEAD'NETTLE, n. A plant of the genus Lamium, and another of the genus Galeopsis.

DEAD'PLEDGE, n. A mortgage or pawning of things, or thing pawned.

DEAD-RECKONING, n. In navigation, the judgment or estimation of the place of a ship, without any observation of the heavenly bodies; or an account of the distance she has run by the log, and of the course steered by the compass, and this rectified by due allowances for drift, lee-way, &c.

DEAD'-STRUCK, a. Confounded; struck with horror.

DEAD'WATER, n. The eddy water closing in with a ship's stern, as she passes through the water.

DEAD'WOOD, n. Blocks of timber laid on the keel of a ship, particularly at the extremities.

DEAD'WORKS, n. The parts of a ship which are above the surface of the water, when she is balanced for a voyage.

DEAF, n. deef.