DEC'OROUS, a. Decent; suitable to a character, or to the time, place and occasion; becoming; proper; befitting; as a decorous speech; decorous behavior; a decorous dress for a judge.

DEC'OROUSLY, adv. In a becoming manner.

DECOR'TICATE, v.t. [L. bark.] To strip off bark; to peel; to husk; to take off the exterior coat; as, to decorticate barley.

DECOR'TICATED, pp. Stripped of bark; peeled; husked.

DECOR'TICATING, ppr. Stripping off bark or the external coat; peeling.

DECORTICA'TION, n. The act of stripping off bark or husk.

DECO'RUM, n. [L. to become.]