LUX'URY, n. [L. luxuria, from luxo, to loosen.]

1. A free or extravagant indulgence in the pleasures of the table, as in rich and expensive diet, or delicious food and liquors; voluptuousness in the gratification of appetite; or the free indulgence in costly dress and equipage.

Riches expose a man to pride and luxury.

2. That which gratifies a nice and fastidious appetite; a dainty; any delicious food or drink. The canvas-back duck is a luxury for an epicure.

3. Any thing delightful to the senses.

He cut the side of a rock for a garden, and by laying on it earth, furnished a king of luxury for a hermit.

4. Lust; lewd desire. [Not now used.]

5. Luxuriance; exuberance of growth. [Not now used.]