PARTA'KE, v.i. pret. partook; pp. partaken. [part and take.]

1. To take a part, portion or share in common with others; to have a share or part; to participate; usually followed by of, sometimes less properly by in. All men partake of the common bounties of Providence. Clodius was at the feast,but could not partake of the enjoyments.

2. To have something of the property, nature, claim or right.

The attorney of the duchy of Lancaster partakes partly of a judge, and partly of an attorney general.

3. To be admitted; not to be excluded.

PARTA'KE, v.t. To have a part in; to share.

My royal father lives;

Let every one partake the general joy.

[This is probably elliptical, of being omitted.]

1. To admit to a part. [Not used.]