PIQUE, n. peek. An offense taken; usually, slight anger, irritation or displeasure at persons, rather temporary than permanent, and distinguished either in degree or temporariness from settled enmity or malevolence.

Out of personal pique to those in service, he stands as a looker on, when the government is attacked.

1. A strong passion.

2. Point; nicety; punctilio.

Add long prescription of established laws,

And pique of honor to maintain a cause.

PIQUE, v.t. peek.

1. To offend; to nettle; to irritate; to sting; to fret; to excite a degree of anger. It expresses less than exasperate.

The lady was piqued by her indifference.

2. To stimulate; to excite to action; to touch with envy; jealousy or other passion.

Piqu'd by Protogenes'fame,

From Co to Rhodes Apelles came--

3. With the reciprocal pronoun, to pride or value one's self.

Men pique themselves on their skill in the learned languages.