1. The act of purifying by separating from a substance all extraneous matter; a clearing from dross, dregs or recrement; as the refinement of metals or liquors.

2. The state of being pure.

The more bodies are of a kin to spirit in subtilty and refinement, the more diffusive are they.

3. Polish of language; elegance; purity.

From the civil war to this time, I doubt whether the corruptions in our language have not equaled its refinements.

4. Polish of manners; elegance; nice observance of the civilities of social intercourse and of graceful decorum. Refinement of manners is often found in persons of corrupt morals.

5. Purity of taste; nice perception of beauty and propriety in literature and the arts.

6. Purity of mind and morals; nice perception and observance of rectitude in moral principles and practice.

7. Purity of heart; the state of the heart purified from sensual and evil affections. This refinement is the effect of christian principles.

8. Artificial practice; subtilty; as the refinements of cunning.

9. Affectation of nicety, or of elegant improvement; as the refinements of reasoning or philosophy.