REVIEW, v.t. revu'. [re and view.]

1. To look back on.

2. to see again.

i shall review Sicilia.

3. To view and examine again; to reconsider; to revise; as, to review a manuscript. It is said that Virgil was prevented by death from reviewing the AEneis.

4. To retrace.

Shall I the long laborious scene review?

5. To survey; to inspect; to examine the state of any thing, particularly of troops; as, to review a regiment.

REVIEW, n. revu'. [L. video, to see.]

1. A second or repeated view; a re-examination; resurvey; as a review of the works of nature; a review of life.

2. Revision; a second examination with a view to amendment or improvement; as an author's review of his works.

3. In military affairs, an examination or inspection of troops under arms, by a general or commander, for the purpose of ascertaining the state of their discipline, equipment, &c.

4. In literature, a critical examination of a new publication, with remarks.

5. A periodical pamphlet containing examinations or analyses of new publications; as the Critical Review.

Commission of review, a commission granted by the British king to revise the sentence of the court of delegates.