STUBBORN, a. [This word is doubtless formed on the root of stub or stiff, and denotes fixed, firm. But the origin of the latter syllable is not obvious.

1. Unreasonably obstinate; inflexibly fixed in opinion; not to be moved or persuaded by reasons; inflexible; as a stubborn son; a stubborn mind or soul.

The queen is obstinate--stubborn to justice.

2. Persevering; persisting; steady; constant; as stubborn attention.

3. Stiff; not flexible; as a stubborn bow.

Take a plant of stubborn oak.

4. Hardy; firm; enduring without complaint; as stubborn Stoics.

5. Harsh; rough; rugged. [Little used.]

6. Refractory; not easily melted or worked; as a stubborn ore or metal.

7. Refractory; obstinately resisting command, the goad or the whip; as a stubborn ass or horse.