THICKEN, v.t. thik'n. To make thick or dense.

1. To make close; to fill up interstices; as, to thicken cloth.

2. To make concrete; to inspissate; as, to thicken paint, mortar or a liquid.

3. To strengthen; to confirm.

And this may help to thicken other proofs. [Not used.]

4. To make frequent, or more frequent; as, to thicken blows.

5. To make close, or more close; to make more numerous; as, to thicken the ranks.

THICKEN, v.i. thik'n. To become thick or more thick; to become dense; as, the fog thickens.

1. To become dark or obscure.

Thy luster thickens

When he shines by.

2. To concrete; to be consolidated; as, the juices of plants thicken into wood.

3. To be inspissated; as, vegetable juices thicken, as the more volatile parts are evaporated.

4. To become close, or more close or numerous.

The press of people thickens to the court.

5. To become quick and animated.

The combat thickens.

6. To become more numerous; to press; to be crowded. Proofs of the fact thicken upon us at every step.