THIRST, n. thurst. [L. torreo.]

1. A painful sensation of the throat or fauces, occasioned by the want of drink.

Wherefore is it that thou hast brought us out of Egypt, to kill us and our children and our cattle with thirst? Ex.17.

2. A vehement desire of drink. Ps.104.

3. A want and eager desire after any thing.

Thirst of worldly good.

Thirst of knowledge.

Thirst of praise.

Thirst after happiness.

But for is now more generally used after thirst; as a thirst for worldly honors; a thirst for praise.

4. Dryness; drouth.

The rapid current, through veins

Of porous earth with kindly thirst updrawn,

Rose a fresh fountain--

THIRST, v.i. thurst.

1. To experience a painful sensation of the throat or fauces for want of drink.

The people thirsted there for water. Ex.17.

2. To have a vehement desire for any thing.

My soul thirsteth for the living God. Ps.42.

THIRST,v.t. To want to drink; as, to thirst blood. [Not English.]