WORSE, a. [This adjective has the signification of the comparative degree, and as bad has no comparative and superlative, worse and worst are used in lieu of them, although radically they have no relation to bad.]

1. More evil; more bad or ill; more depraved and corrupt; in a moral sense.

Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse. 2 Timothy 3.

There are men who seem to believe they are not bad, while another can be found worse.

2. In a physical sense, in regard to health, more sick.

She was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse. Mark 5.

3. More bad; less perfect or good. This carriage is worse for wear.

The worse,

1. The loss; the disadvantage.

Judah was put to the worse before Israel. 2 Kings 14.

2. Something less good. Think not the worse of him for his enterprise.

WORSE, adv. In a manner more evil or bad.

We will deal worse with thee than with them. Genesis 19.

WORSE, to put to disadvantage, is not in use. [See Worst.]